Logic Puzzle: DC Comics Characters

June 13, 2008

Five boys who are seriously into DC Comics got together to trade comics and cards.  Each boy has a different favorite male hero, female hero, male villain, and female villain.  From the clues given, match each boy with his four favorite characters.

Boys: Artie, Gordon, Jimmy, Lenny, Mike

Male Heroes: Blue Beetle, Orion, Changeling, Nightwing, Speedy

Female Heroes: Firehawk, Jade, Nightshade, Raven, Starfire

Male Villains: Bolt, Chronos, Kalibak, Lex Luthor, Toyman

Female Villains: Blackfire, Cheetah, Maxima, Phobia, Silver Swan


1.  Either A or B is true, but not both:

    A. The boy who likes Speedy the best also likes Cheetah the best.

    B.  Neither Mike nor Artie likes Jade the best.

2.  The five  boys are: Lenny, the one who is most keen on Blue Beetle, the one whose favorite is Kalibak, the one who likes both Maxima  and Lex Luthor the best, and a boy who doesn’t prefer any character with “Night” or “Fire” in his or her name.

3.  The boy who likes Orion the best isn’t so keen on Silver Swan, Chronos, or Jade.

4.  Gordon loves Firehawk the best but considers Lex Luthor boring.

5.  Jimmy’s favorites do not include Changeling, Nightshade, Toyman, or Phobia.  Mike’s favorites do not include Blue Beetle, Starfire, Chronos, or Cheetah.  Either Gordon or Artie likes Blackfire the best, but neither prefers Speedy.  Lenny thinks Orion, Raven, Toyman, and Cheetah are only “so-so.”

6.  One boy’s favorites include both Bolt and Phobia; another boy’s favorites include both Jade and Changeling.

7.  The boy who loves Nightwing the best doesn’t like Nightshade.  Another boy, who is crazy about Chronos, doesn’t care for Starfire or Raven.

8.  Neither Gordon nor Artie likes Kalibak.

9.  Lenny is not a big fan of Chronos.  Mike is not big on Maxima or Raven.

Try another puzzle? — https://cradkilodney.wordpress.com/2008/11/26/logic-puzzle-not-so-bold-knights/

    Copyright@ 2008, by Crad Kilodney, Toronto, Canada.  E-mail: crad166@yahoo.com


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