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Logic Puzzle: The Foreign Language Club


At the college’s Foreign Language Club, students are encouraged to speak to each other in any language other than English.  Yesterday, five students — Melanie, Jim, Ruben, Jane, and Phyllis — met at the club and attempted to converse.  Each could speak two of the following languages — Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Italian — but no two students spoke the same combination.  From the clues given, identify each student by first and last names and the languages he or she spoke.

1. The two men did not have any language in common.

2. The two Chinese speakers were Melanie and the one surnamed Zeller.

3. West could speak to Daniels but not to Ruben.

4. Jane was able to translate one of Ott’s languages and another language spoken by Melanie.

5. No one who spoke French could speak Italian.  No one who spoke Chinese could speak German.

6. Neither Jim nor Stein could speak Russian.

7. The three women are: Miss West, the only woman who spoke German, and a woman who spoke neither French nor Italian.

8. Neither Jim nor Daniels spoke French.

9. Ott could speak Italian but not Chinese.

10. Jane is one of the two women who could speak Russian.

11. The two French speakers were Ruben and Stein.

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