Six high school students — four boys and two girls — ended up in detention hall today for committing six different offenses.  Each was reported by a different teacher during a different period of the day (from first to eighth).  From the clues given, match each student with his or her offense, the reporting teacher, and the period of the day.

1. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. Ron was reported for bringing a prohibited item to school.

    B. Mr. Troiano reported a student during first period.

2. The six students are: Nancy, the student reported for skipping class, the one reported by Miss Simms, the one reported during sixth period, the boy who was reported for being late without a late pass, and the second student reported.

3. The three female teachers (one is Miss Roberts) each reported a student immediately before or immediately after a period when no one was reported.

4. Hazel, who was reported later than Nancy, was not reported for back-talking or for using bad language, nor was she reported by a male teacher.

5. Mr. Ford reported a student later than Bill was reported and earlier than a student was reported for eating in class.

6. Jim, who was the last boy reported, was neither the boy who was late without a late pass, nor the boy reported by Mrs. Hausler.

7. Miss Simms reported a student later than Hazel was reported (which was sometime between the two periods when no one was reported).

8. The three male teachers are: the one who reported a student for skipping class, the one (not Mr. Miller) who reported a student during fifth period, and the one who reported Allen.

9. The following periods occurred in this order, although not necessarily consecutively: the period when Bill was reported, the first of two periods when no one was reported, the period when a student talked back to a teacher, and the period when Miss Simms reported a boy for bringing a prohibited item to school.

10. Nancy got in trouble sometime after the student who used bad language (who wasn’t Allen).

11. Ron was the third student reported.

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