As a charitable fund-raising event, five pairs of students from five different New York area colleges attempted to traverse the entire New York City subway system in the shortest time possible.  Each pair (one man and one woman) had an unexpected delay at a different station.  From the clues given, match up the students with their colleges and the stations where they were delayed, and determine the order of their finish times from shortest (1st) to longest (5th).

1. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. Troy and his partner were delayed at 163rd St.

    B. Linda goes to Columbia.

2. The five pairs are: the students from City College, Connie and her partner, the students who were delayed at Pelham Bay Park, Frank and his partner, and the students with the longest finish time.

3. Igor and his partner (who was not Fiona) finished in a shorter time than the Columbia students and a longer time than the students who were delayed at Euclid Ave.

4. Fiona and the woman who was delayed at Astoria Blvd. finished with consecutive times, in some order.

5. Jim and the man who finished 5th are, in some order, the one whose finish  time was one place behind Wayne’s, and the one who traveled with Linda.

6. The students from NYU, who did not include Jasmine, Connie, Igor, or Troy, were not delayed at Broad St. or Astoria Blvd.

7. Neither Elizabeth nor the woman who attends Fordham was delayed at Broad St.  One of these women finished last.

8. The students from Queens College (neither of whom was Jasmine) finished one place ahead of Frank and his partner.

9. Elizabeth and the woman who finished 4th are, in some order, the one who traveled with Wayne, and the one who was delayed at Euclid Ave.

10. The NYU students finished one place behind the students who were delayed at Pelham Bay Park.

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