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Logic Puzzle: Unfriendly Dogs


Joe, the mailman, is unhappy about his new route because he has to deal with five unfriendly dogs along the way.  Each is owned by a different family and is of a different breed.  From the clues given, determine the order in which he meets these dogs, each dog’s breed, and the family that owns it.

1. The five dogs are: the third one Joe meets, Storm, the one owned by the Flints, the dachshund, and the one he meets just before the Wongs’ dog.

2. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. Joe meets Storm and Bonnie consecutively, in some order.

    B. The Jacksons own the poodle.

3. The fourth dog Joe meets, and the one owned by the Colemans, are, in some order, the one he meets just before the dachshund, and Storm.

4. Joe meets the mastiff later than Chip and earlier than the Revellis’ dog.

5. The Jacksons’ dog is encountered earlier than the boxer but later than Tiger.

6. Joe meets the Doberman later than the poodle but earlier than the Flints’ dog.

7. The boxer is neither Cookie nor the dog encountered immediately after Cookie.

8. Joe does not encounter Cookie immediately after Chip.

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