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Logic Puzzle: Talented Twins


Five pairs of twins (who may be of the same gender or mixed) competed in an amateur talent contest.  One pair of twins sang, another danced, another did juggling, another did acrobatics, and one did magic tricks.  From the clues given, match them all up by first and last names, and determine what kind of act they did and the order in which they finished.  (Siblings share the same last name.)

Boys: Patrick, Andrew, Harvey, Richard, Jeffrey

Girls: Marie, Becky, Monica, Lena, Darlene

Surnames: Peterson, Zimmer, McClaren, Brown, Stewart

1. The five pairs of twins are: Darlene and her twin, Richard and his twin, the acrobats, the McClarens, and the pair who finished fifth.

2. The Stewart dancers finished second, just ahead of two brothers.

3. The Petersons finished higher than at least one other pair.

4. Marie finished one place higher than Jeffrey.

5. The Zimmers finished somewhere above the singers, but somewhere below Monica and her sister.

6. Becky does magic and does not have a sister.

7. Two sisters are acrobats.

8. Harvey doesn’t juggle and is not related to Becky.

9. Patrick is not a Zimmer.  Andrew doesn’t juggle.  Marie doesn’t dance.  Marie finished lower than Becky.

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