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Logic Puzzle: Fringe Candidates


The riding of Erewhon is notorious for its independent fringe candidates.  In the most recent election for Provincial Parliament, five such candidates finished 6th through 10th, behind the relatively normal candidates of five political parties.  Each fringe candidate had a different campaign issue: ban gum-chewing in the workplace, create a $3 bill, exterminate pigeons, transmit messages to aliens inviting them to land, and allow people to marry their pets.  From the clues given, match each candidate by first and last names, campaign issue, and position of finish.

First names: Yolanda, Harvey, Ingrid, Alonzo, Clarence

Last names: Bleen, Skrzybsky, Wotan, Glubnick, Omblorvat

1. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. Skrzybsky wanted to welcome aliens.

    B. Ingrid got more votes than Yolanda.

2. Four different candidates are: Bleen, the one who finished 10th, the one in favor of marriage to pets, and Harvey.

3. The lowest of the normal party candidates just barely finished ahead of Glubnick.

4. The candidate who wanted to welcome aliens got more votes than Alonzo.

5. Wotan was in favor of either the $3 bill or banning gum-chewing in the workplace.

6. Yolanda is not Omblorvat, did not finish 8th, and is not interested in marriage to pets.

7. Skrzybsky is not the pigeon-hater.

8. Omblorvat did not finish 10th.  The 10th-place candidate has no interest in $3 bills.

9. Ms. Bleen did better in the voting than both Harvey and Omblorvat.

10. Clarence finished somewhere ahead of Wotan, who finished somewhere ahead of the pigeon-hater.

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