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Logic Puzzle: Alien Fruits


When the crew of the spaceship Altair — three men and three women — set foot on a new planet, they found six unfamiliar fruits of different colors growing there.  Each crew member volunteered to sample one of the fruits.  Each fruit had a taste similar to an Earth fruit, and each had a different effect on the person who tried it.  (One had no effect.)  From the clues given, match each person by name, position, color of fruit, taste, and effect, if any.

1. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. The Navigator experienced no effect from the fruit he or she ate.

    B. The fruit that tasted like lime caused a headache.

2. The six crew members are: Edward (who didn’t eat the purple fruit), the Doctor, the one who ate the pink fruit, the one who ate the fruit that tasted like grapes, the one who got an upset stomach, and the Second Officer.

3. The three women are: the Captain, the one who got a rash, and the one whose fruit tasted like watermelon.

4. Philip, who is not the Second Officer, did not eat the blue fruit (which did not cause a feeling of stimulation).

5. The Science Officer and Second Officer are of different sexes.  One got a headache, and the other ate the green fruit (which did not taste like pear).

6. The six fruits are: the one Maureen ate, the one George ate, the one the Engineer ate, the purple one, the one that tasted like apricot (which was not eaten by Edward), and the one that caused an upset stomach.

7. Neither Joan nor the person who experienced hallucinations ate the fruit that tasted like pear (which was not brown) or the one that tasted like cherries.

8. The brown, blue, and yellow fruits are, in some order, the one Amy ate, the one that caused a feeling of stimulation, and the one that tasted like grapes.

9. George and the Second Officer are, in some order, the one who ate the blue fruit, and the one who got a headache.

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