Official Canadian University Rankings

June 18, 2010

    These are the official rankings of Canadian universities, based on the number of books by Crad Kilodney found in their libraries.  Online catalogue searches were done on June 17, 2010.  Books that appeared as indirect holdings through a library network relationship were only counted for the library that actually owned the book.


1. Univ. of Toronto (34)

2. McGill Univ. (24)

3. McMaster Univ. (20)

4. Dalhousie Univ. (19)

5. York Univ. (16)

6. Univ. of Western Ontario (15)

7. Queen’s Univ. (11)

8. Univ. of Waterloo (10)

9. Univ. of Calgary (9)

10. Univ. of Alberta (7)

11. Univ. of Victoria (6)

12. Univ. of Ottawa (5)


        Simon Fraser Univ. (4)

        Lakehead Univ. (4)

        Univ. of New Brunswick (4)


        Univ. of British Columbia (3)

        Univ. of Saskatchewan (3)

        Carleton Univ. (3)


        Athabasca Univ. (2)

        Univ. of Winnipeg (2)

        Univ. of Sudbury (2)

        Univ. of Windsor (2)

        Concordia Univ. (2)


        Univ. of Lethbridge (1)

        Univ. of Regina (1)

        Univ. of Guelph (1)

        Nipissing Univ. (1)

        Trent Univ. (1)

        Univ. de Sherbrooke (1)

        Mount Allison Univ. (1)

        Cape Breton Univ. (1)

        St. Francis Xavier Univ. (1)

        Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland (1)


Univ. of Northern British Columbia

Mount Royal Univ.

Brandon Univ.

Univ. of Manitoba

Brock Univ.

Laurentian Univ.

Ryerson Univ.

Wilfrid Laurier Univ.

Bishop’s Univ.

Univ. Laval

Univ. de Montreal

Univ. du Quebec

Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

Univ. of Moncton

Univ. of Prince Edward Island

Acadia Univ.

Mt. Saint Vincent Univ.

Saint Mary’s Univ.



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