Crad Kilodney, Duke of Sherbourne, is the world’s most mysterious writer.  He lives in Toronto, Canada.  For more information about him and his books, and to read a different selection of writings, please visit   Please note that all of Crad Kilodney’s books, except for Villes Bigrement Exotiques, are out of print and are only available on the collectors’ market.  (Try first.)


21 Responses to “About”

  1. Joe Chladny Says:


    I had forgotten about you.
    I can still see you in my mind’s eye,
    hawking your books on Yonge St.
    It seems like moments ago.
    And if I knew then what I know now I would have
    stopped and talked to you.
    I did buy a book from you.

    Today I bought one of your books at a St. Vincent de Paul store in Ottawa. Malignant Humors. American spelling of course. I have not read it yet, but I was thrilled to find it. And I’m glad to see that you are
    still around.

    I’m just starting to explore your website.


  2. Tom Jacoby Says:

    Why it’s fabulous to find you blogging at After you stopped writing new things for I was concerned that you were going to divest yourself of your earthly possessions a few at a time until your lifeless body was found in the woods like that fellow in your story but here you are and you look fabulous! It’s fabulous to see you!

  3. I bought a book from you. Terminal Ward I believe it was called. It had me laughing in no time which was surprising to me given its dark subject matter. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn it wasn’t, and for that I have to thank you for entertaining me for a few hours. Just another note from the slush pile.

  4. Spammer Hack!!! Says:

    You suck as a writer and you’re a douche! Stop wasting other peoples’ time by sending around this garbage that you pass off as composition.

  5. Snatch Says:

    Hi, I’ve just heard about your existence and your new book on the french television.

    The french title is ” Villes Bigrement Exotiques (Le Dilletante) ” and the short description given tickled my mind and pushed me to learn more.

    Why am I sharing this? Because I read the Spammer Hack!!! who made me laugh.

    Can’t wait to read this book!

    Bonne soirée!

    • cradkilodney Says:

      Don’t tell anyone in Canada about the book. I want to see if I can keep it a complete secret in this stupid country of dullards.

      Thank you. — Crad

  6. dimitrios Says:

    Hi Crad,

    Just checking out your site after no access to internet for a while. Wow–your Shakespeare project looks very ambitious and–at first blush—well throught-through as to your approach. Cheers,


  7. KevinK Says:

    Hi, Crad. Glad my googling found you. Looking forward to reading some ‘lodney! Way back when, I submitted stuff for your second installment of your Bad Poetry anthology. It gave me courage — and not just because Leonard Nimoy’s gems were on the other side of the page.

    — formerly known as surllama

  8. luc GODEFROY Says:

    Hi Crad
    be indulgent with my english, I am french (nobody’s perfect). I found your book “villes bigrement exotiques” as I was looking for some hardware in a big department store in Paris. Obviously it was an excellent surprise and I consider you are in the “lignée” of Jonathan SWIFT ans Mark TWAIN.
    I have just read “villes bigrement exotiques” and I think there is one city in France which could be in your book: Pont Saint Esprit.
    This city has an incredible story you’ll find on internet.
    By the way If you want to sue the french editor of “villes bigrement exotiques” I am your man, as a lawyer and occasionnaly a writer (search “trois morts dont deux graves” by Luc GODEFROY on internet).
    Do you have other books translated in French?
    Best Regards

    • cradkilodney Says:

      (I have already replied to this gentleman in my bad French. For those with morbid curiosity, “Villes Bigrement Exotiques” is a French translation of my series “Exotic Cities.” It’s published by Le Dilettante, of Paris, and you can probably order it at any bookstore. The distributor is Flammarion.)

      • Luc GODEFROY Says:

        did you know that “Villes bigrement exotiques” has been edited in 2222 copies on 22/02.2012?

  9. Lorne Says:

    Been a long time fan, purchased a number of your books from you at the corner of Yonge and Bloor. Do you know of any place to find a copy of Lightning Struck my Dick? It was one of my most cherished possessions, lost years ago during one of my many moves.

    Keep up the good work.

    • cradkilodney Says:

      “Lightning…” is almost impossible to find. There was a copy listed at, which is the best source for my old books, but that title appears to have disappeared completely from the collector’s market. Everything else has gone up in value, as you will see. The only thing currently in print is the French book, Villes Bigrement Exotiques.

  10. LOrne Says:

    Ok, thanks for the reply, I agree it’s impossible to find.

  11. Matt Says:

    I bought one of your books, Putrid Scum from a bookshop in Toronto. It really resonated with me and, as a result, I sometimes find myself wondering what you’re up to.

    The title page has your imprint: “Crad Kilodney, (and underneath) Failed Writer.”

    You probably wrote that about twenty years ago, and here you are, still writing.

    Here’s to failure.

  12. dimitrios Says:

    I enjoy reading these accounts of people’s Crad Kilodney book scores —- those are needles-in-haystacks! Me? I had a few still kicking around — then I got a bright idea and pestered the Author until he sold me the last entire set of his personal-archive copies. Weep, folks !!

  13. Cliff Burns Says:

    Monsieur Kilodney:

    I referenced you in a recent post, crediting your publishing efforts back in the 1980s for inspiring me to go the DIY route. A nod, a nudge and a wink. My thanks:

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