Logic Puzzle: Unfriendly Dogs

December 18, 2008

Joe, the mailman, is unhappy about his new route because he has to deal with five unfriendly dogs along the way.  Each is owned by a different family and is of a different breed.  From the clues given, determine the order in which he meets these dogs, each dog’s breed, and the family that owns it.

1. The five dogs are: the third one Joe meets, Storm, the one owned by the Flints, the dachshund, and the one he meets just before the Wongs’ dog.

2. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. Joe meets Storm and Bonnie consecutively, in some order.

    B. The Jacksons own the poodle.

3. The fourth dog Joe meets, and the one owned by the Colemans, are, in some order, the one he meets just before the dachshund, and Storm.

4. Joe meets the mastiff later than Chip and earlier than the Revellis’ dog.

5. The Jacksons’ dog is encountered earlier than the boxer but later than Tiger.

6. Joe meets the Doberman later than the poodle but earlier than the Flints’ dog.

7. The boxer is neither Cookie nor the dog encountered immediately after Cookie.

8. Joe does not encounter Cookie immediately after Chip.

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December 18, 2008

    This feature contains certain forward-looking statements, such as “could,” “might,” “in the event of,” “assuming that,” “I desperately want,” and “kill George Smitherman,” and does not constitute an offer to sell securities.  Please remember that options involve risk and should not be handled by children without adult supervision.  Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and lesions.  Flush out eyes with a mixture of water and ammonia and induce vomiting.  Consult certified dealer in your area and do not attempt repair yourself, otherwise your account may be closed without warning, and tort litigation may be commenced to protect carrier from third-party claims.  Store at room temperature or cook immediately, otherwise blindness may result.  The 5-day grace period does not apply to residents of Quebec or to foreign nationals not currently registered with the Company’s licensed representatives.  Side-effects may include dizziness, temporary loss of consciousness, and a compulsion to give money to beggars.  You must advise us in writing of any changes by standing in a well-ventilated room or designating a co-conspirator to occupy your unit in the event of a flood, fire, epidemic, or civil unrest.  To avoid shock, hide in a closet without windows or seek shelter above ground.  Move away from any siren and follow the directions in the accompanying product description.  Lie on any sharp object to avoid prosecution.  The limited liability as set forth in the owner’s manual is superseded by the laws of your state or province, as designated in the relevant criminal code and/or the Compromise of 1850.  Management is not responsible for acts of violence to pets or accidental termination of your coverage by application of adhesive to porous or non-porous surfaces.  A skill-testing question may be required before the lessor may be released to the custody of a parent, guardian, or inmate of a mental institution.  Winners will be notified by a refugee claimant who has been ordered to appear for a deportation hearing, or by sending a cheque by registered mail to any officer of a labour union (in Quebec, officer of a biker gang).  No animals were harmed or discriminated against in the making of this product, except as permitted in Section Three of the Prospectus (“Exemptions for Aboriginal Persons”).  Contestants must be of legal drinking age, with a criminal record and previous claim of legal insanity, and must be accompanied by a bonded technician (in Quebec, member of a separatist party).  The Provider may enter your home and remove any persons or property necessary to bring your account into compliance (or may designate a proxy to do so), and may bill you for this service.  Subscribers may not hold long and short positions simultaneously, except by special arrangement with the Courts or Armed Forces.  A non-white illegal alien with a speech defect may be sent to your home to instruct you on the use of this product and to molest your children.  Your rights under the warranty may be modified without warning according to the terms of the McCarran Act, and amendments thereto, and your coverage may be voided, at your expense.  Discontinue use if paralysis develops and consult dealer or pharmacist.  Allow 90 days for evidence of any dispute to be processed by monkeys.  Liability to the buyer continues indefinitely, and to his heirs and successors.  Some components may explode, causing death.  Discontinue use in this event and provide details in writing to the Customer Service Dept.   Reading this far constitutes your acceptance of all terms, including future amendments thereto, and is valid in all jurisdictions.

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As a charitable fund-raising event, five pairs of students from five different New York area colleges attempted to traverse the entire New York City subway system in the shortest time possible.  Each pair (one man and one woman) had an unexpected delay at a different station.  From the clues given, match up the students with their colleges and the stations where they were delayed, and determine the order of their finish times from shortest (1st) to longest (5th).

1. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. Troy and his partner were delayed at 163rd St.

    B. Linda goes to Columbia.

2. The five pairs are: the students from City College, Connie and her partner, the students who were delayed at Pelham Bay Park, Frank and his partner, and the students with the longest finish time.

3. Igor and his partner (who was not Fiona) finished in a shorter time than the Columbia students and a longer time than the students who were delayed at Euclid Ave.

4. Fiona and the woman who was delayed at Astoria Blvd. finished with consecutive times, in some order.

5. Jim and the man who finished 5th are, in some order, the one whose finish  time was one place behind Wayne’s, and the one who traveled with Linda.

6. The students from NYU, who did not include Jasmine, Connie, Igor, or Troy, were not delayed at Broad St. or Astoria Blvd.

7. Neither Elizabeth nor the woman who attends Fordham was delayed at Broad St.  One of these women finished last.

8. The students from Queens College (neither of whom was Jasmine) finished one place ahead of Frank and his partner.

9. Elizabeth and the woman who finished 4th are, in some order, the one who traveled with Wayne, and the one who was delayed at Euclid Ave.

10. The NYU students finished one place behind the students who were delayed at Pelham Bay Park.

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    Copyright@ 2008 by Crad Kilodney, Toronto, Canada.  E-mail: crad166@yahoo.com

    Some years ago, my old Yugoslavian landlords foolishly rented an apartment to an unsavory character without checking his references.  He turned out to be a drug dealer.  There was a regular stream of customers going to and coming from his place, or waiting for him in the hallway — mostly local Sherbourne St. white trash.

    I was in the basement with Mike, the older son.  He was very unhappy with his parents for renting to the guy without checking him out.  “We’re stuck with that drug dealer in Number Seven, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

    “Did you call the police?” I asked.

    “Sure.  They don’t have the manpower to put every building under surveillance where someone is dealing.  And there’s no point in arresting a customer for possession on his way out because the courts don’t put anyone in jail for simple possession.  And nobody rats out the dealer, because they want to go back to him.”

    “But you gave the police his name and apartment number, right?”

    “Of course.  They said thanks, but they need evidence they can take to a judge to get a warrant.  Just because I say there’s a drug dealer, that’s not good enough.”

    “Is he paying his rent?”

    “At the moment, he’s paid up.”

    “Is he causing any problems for the neighbors?  You could evict him for that.”

    “Nobody’s complained.  They’re all foreigners.  They don’t want to get involved in anything.”

    “There’s got to be a way,” I said.

    “Well, you think of something.  You’re the smart one.”

    We sat there in silence for a minute.  I was thinking.  Finally I said to Mike, “If I get rid of this guy for you, what do I get for a reward?”

    “I don’t know.  What do you want?”

    “A new stove.  The one I have is older than you are.”

    “My dad never buys new, only second-hand.”

    “Okay, well, newer than what I have.  Like, say, five years old.”

    Mike smiled sympathetically.  “I would, but that’s still too expensive for Dad.  How about, like, fifteen years old?”

    “Ten,” I demanded.  “That’s my limit.”  Mike was considering.  “Think about getting rid of that drug dealer,” I added.

    Mike looked up at the ceiling, squinting.  He was calculating.  “Okay, deal.”

    “Deal!”  We shook on it.

    “What are you going to do?”

    “Don’t ask.  From this point on, you know nothing.

    I went upstairs and began executing my plan.

    I took a dozen index cards and wrote on each one as follows: “Drugs.  166 Isabella, #7.  6PM – 10PM.” 

    I waited until Sunday night.  Around 2 a.m. I went out to the elementary school four blocks away.  I stuck my “advertisements” on the playground equipment with adhesive tape and returned home.  Of course, no one saw me.

    Monday morning I went down to the basement, where Mike was doing paperwork.  “You can expect action this week,” I told him.

    “Really?  Okay!  Are you going to tell me what you did, or not?”

    “I’ll tell you on Saturday when we go down to Queen Street to pick out a stove for me.”

    Tuesday, nothing.

    Wednesday, nothing.

    Thursday afternoon, Mike calls me from the basement.  “They got him!  Come on down for a beer!”

    Mike had a big smile for me when I walked in.  He patted me on the shoulder.  “You did it!  Whatever you did!”

    “So, what happened?”

    “The cops came around three o’clock.  They had a warrant for the guy, but they came down here first.  I said, ‘Don’t break the door down.  I’ll give you the key.’  So they went up and caught the guy as he was trying to flush everything down the toilet.  He didn’t flush it all in time, and they got him.”

    “Very good!”

    “They asked me if I knew anything about some cards on a playground, and I said I didn’t know anything about it.”

    “That’s right, you don’t know anything.”

    “And you’re still not going to tell me?”

    “Saturday.  We’ll go in your truck, and I’ll help you move the stove.”

    So it’s Saturday, and we’re coming back from Queen Street with my “new” stove.  Now Mike wanted to know everything, and I told him.

    “But who would believe a drug dealer would advertise by leaving cards on a playground?  It’s absurd!” he said.

    “It doesn’t matter,” I said.  “The kids find the cards, they take them to the teachers, and the school calls the police.  Now the police have something they can use to get a warrant from a judge.  Even a liberal suck-ass judge will give them a warrant.  Think of those innocent kiddies, right?”

    “Yeah, right.  But if he gets a good lawyer, do you think he can beat it in court?”

    “I doubt it, but what does it matter?  He’s out of your building.  That’s what I said I’d do.”

    Mike shook his head in amazement.  “You’re some guy!…But Dad’s going to want to know why I spent so much on a stove for you.”

    “Tell him the truth.  I helped you get rid of the drug dealer, and that was my reward.”

    “Should I tell him the details?”

    “No.  That’ll be our secret.  Let him think I’m a magician.”

    Copyright@ 2008 by Crad Kilodney, Toronto, Canada.  E-mail: crad166@yahoo.com

Six high school students — four boys and two girls — ended up in detention hall today for committing six different offenses.  Each was reported by a different teacher during a different period of the day (from first to eighth).  From the clues given, match each student with his or her offense, the reporting teacher, and the period of the day.

1. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. Ron was reported for bringing a prohibited item to school.

    B. Mr. Troiano reported a student during first period.

2. The six students are: Nancy, the student reported for skipping class, the one reported by Miss Simms, the one reported during sixth period, the boy who was reported for being late without a late pass, and the second student reported.

3. The three female teachers (one is Miss Roberts) each reported a student immediately before or immediately after a period when no one was reported.

4. Hazel, who was reported later than Nancy, was not reported for back-talking or for using bad language, nor was she reported by a male teacher.

5. Mr. Ford reported a student later than Bill was reported and earlier than a student was reported for eating in class.

6. Jim, who was the last boy reported, was neither the boy who was late without a late pass, nor the boy reported by Mrs. Hausler.

7. Miss Simms reported a student later than Hazel was reported (which was sometime between the two periods when no one was reported).

8. The three male teachers are: the one who reported a student for skipping class, the one (not Mr. Miller) who reported a student during fifth period, and the one who reported Allen.

9. The following periods occurred in this order, although not necessarily consecutively: the period when Bill was reported, the first of two periods when no one was reported, the period when a student talked back to a teacher, and the period when Miss Simms reported a boy for bringing a prohibited item to school.

10. Nancy got in trouble sometime after the student who used bad language (who wasn’t Allen).

11. Ron was the third student reported.

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    Copyright@ 2008 by Crad Kilodney, Toronto, Canada.  E-mail: crad166@yahoo.com

    This story starts slowly and gathers momentum until it explodes in a nerve-shattering climax.  Along the way, the reader is treated to numerous colorful characters and subplots involving espionage, global catastrophe, romance, and the supernatural.

    Excuse me….I have just been informed that this story has received scathing reviews in the Toronto Star and Saturday Night.  Therefore, it will be necessary to go back and make changes while there is still time to save my literary reputation.

    Ahem….This story starts with a bang, and then the reader meets the two principal characters — a man and a woman — who are in a troubled relationship.  A lot of back story is given to explain the problems between them.  The plot has been simplified to deal with condo development.   The man wants to redeem himself by building a spectacular condo project, but the woman tells him he has to choose between her and the building….Unfortunately, this will not do, as it appears the story has received even worse reviews in The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s, and certain harsh comments have been made about the author.  So it will be necessary to start over.

    Thank you for your patience….This story begins with a long description of the Hawaiian Islands, where it will now take place, instead of Moncton, New Brunswick, as previously intended.  This should make it more commercially acceptable to American publishers (all the Canadian ones hate me anyway).  The protagonist is a CIA agent, and his female counterpart is the divorced wife of an unscrupulous Wall Street money manager….I’m sorry.  There is a problem.  This story has already been rejected by Esquire and Playboy, although no reason has been given.  The rejection slips merely say that it does not meet their editorial needs.  Frankly, I doubt they even read it.

    All right, never mind.  A few changes, and we’ll be back in business….A beautiful young rock star receives a human head in a box.  There is no note, and she doesn’t recognize the man’s face.  (Now I’m sure I’m on to something!)  She calls her friend, who is a bumbling but humorous private investigator who looks like Walter Matthau.  The scene shifts to somewhere I haven’t decided on yet, and the reader realizes that the box was delivered to the wrong address!  (This is sensational!)  The bumbling investigator, however, stumbles onto a clue (I don’t know what, but I’ll think of something), which leads him to a gang of drug traffickers.  (This is a winner!  I’m sure of it!)….Oh….I’m sorry….My mistake….It seems that a very similar story was published only minutes ago in The Idaho Review, and the movie rights have already been optioned to HBO.  I don’t believe this!  This is either the worst luck a person could have, or there’s something fishy going on!

    Okay, I’m not through with this sucker.  I’ll give it one more try….A prospector in Alaska stumbles onto the richest gold deposit in the world.  Now he has to lock up the mineral rights to the whole surrounding area without anyone suspecting that he has found something big.  But he has been followed by his nemesis, an evil prospector with no talent, who just rips off other people’s discoveries, and the nemesis intends to kill him before he can get back to the nearest town to file his claims.  There will be a big fight, which the hero wins.  After that, he has to kill a bear and a mountain lion.  And then he falls down a ravine, hits his head, and loses his memory, so he can’t remember where he discovered the gold.  There!  I think I’ve nailed it!

    Oh, no….My story has been rejected with prejudice, if you can believe it, by The Paris Review, for “failing to address women’s issues or the environment, and failing to include minorities”!

    Well, that’s the last straw!  This is a stupid, rotten, corrupt business, and those miserable sons of bitches can rot in hell!  Years from now, when they’re almost bankrupt because nobody reads their inferior shit any more, they can crawl to me on their hands and knees and beg me for a story!  “Conquest and Horror” will be waiting for them, and I’ll shove it down their throats!

    Copyright@ 2008 by Crad Kilodney, Toronto, Canada.  E-mail: crad166@yahoo.com

At the college’s Foreign Language Club, students are encouraged to speak to each other in any language other than English.  Yesterday, five students — Melanie, Jim, Ruben, Jane, and Phyllis — met at the club and attempted to converse.  Each could speak two of the following languages — Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Italian — but no two students spoke the same combination.  From the clues given, identify each student by first and last names and the languages he or she spoke.

1. The two men did not have any language in common.

2. The two Chinese speakers were Melanie and the one surnamed Zeller.

3. West could speak to Daniels but not to Ruben.

4. Jane was able to translate one of Ott’s languages and another language spoken by Melanie.

5. No one who spoke French could speak Italian.  No one who spoke Chinese could speak German.

6. Neither Jim nor Stein could speak Russian.

7. The three women are: Miss West, the only woman who spoke German, and a woman who spoke neither French nor Italian.

8. Neither Jim nor Daniels spoke French.

9. Ott could speak Italian but not Chinese.

10. Jane is one of the two women who could speak Russian.

11. The two French speakers were Ruben and Stein.

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