Logic Puzzle: Alien Fruits

January 14, 2009

When the crew of the spaceship Altair — three men and three women — set foot on a new planet, they found six unfamiliar fruits of different colors growing there.  Each crew member volunteered to sample one of the fruits.  Each fruit had a taste similar to an Earth fruit, and each had a different effect on the person who tried it.  (One had no effect.)  From the clues given, match each person by name, position, color of fruit, taste, and effect, if any.

1. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. The Navigator experienced no effect from the fruit he or she ate.

    B. The fruit that tasted like lime caused a headache.

2. The six crew members are: Edward (who didn’t eat the purple fruit), the Doctor, the one who ate the pink fruit, the one who ate the fruit that tasted like grapes, the one who got an upset stomach, and the Second Officer.

3. The three women are: the Captain, the one who got a rash, and the one whose fruit tasted like watermelon.

4. Philip, who is not the Second Officer, did not eat the blue fruit (which did not cause a feeling of stimulation).

5. The Science Officer and Second Officer are of different sexes.  One got a headache, and the other ate the green fruit (which did not taste like pear).

6. The six fruits are: the one Maureen ate, the one George ate, the one the Engineer ate, the purple one, the one that tasted like apricot (which was not eaten by Edward), and the one that caused an upset stomach.

7. Neither Joan nor the person who experienced hallucinations ate the fruit that tasted like pear (which was not brown) or the one that tasted like cherries.

8. The brown, blue, and yellow fruits are, in some order, the one Amy ate, the one that caused a feeling of stimulation, and the one that tasted like grapes.

9. George and the Second Officer are, in some order, the one who ate the blue fruit, and the one who got a headache.

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The riding of Erewhon is notorious for its independent fringe candidates.  In the most recent election for Provincial Parliament, five such candidates finished 6th through 10th, behind the relatively normal candidates of five political parties.  Each fringe candidate had a different campaign issue: ban gum-chewing in the workplace, create a $3 bill, exterminate pigeons, transmit messages to aliens inviting them to land, and allow people to marry their pets.  From the clues given, match each candidate by first and last names, campaign issue, and position of finish.

First names: Yolanda, Harvey, Ingrid, Alonzo, Clarence

Last names: Bleen, Skrzybsky, Wotan, Glubnick, Omblorvat

1. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. Skrzybsky wanted to welcome aliens.

    B. Ingrid got more votes than Yolanda.

2. Four different candidates are: Bleen, the one who finished 10th, the one in favor of marriage to pets, and Harvey.

3. The lowest of the normal party candidates just barely finished ahead of Glubnick.

4. The candidate who wanted to welcome aliens got more votes than Alonzo.

5. Wotan was in favor of either the $3 bill or banning gum-chewing in the workplace.

6. Yolanda is not Omblorvat, did not finish 8th, and is not interested in marriage to pets.

7. Skrzybsky is not the pigeon-hater.

8. Omblorvat did not finish 10th.  The 10th-place candidate has no interest in $3 bills.

9. Ms. Bleen did better in the voting than both Harvey and Omblorvat.

10. Clarence finished somewhere ahead of Wotan, who finished somewhere ahead of the pigeon-hater.

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    It is, without a doubt, one of the most awesome and terrifying rivers in the world.  Thousands of lives have been lost in its churning, violent waters.  The U.S. Dept. of Interior officially classifies it as “unnavigable.”  And despite its location in central New York State, it is as mysterious as if it were located in Darkest Africa, for most New Yorkers have never seen the longest part of it.  It is the Mohawk River.

    From its benign origins in Lewis County, the Mohawk River starts out as a peaceful and very ordinary river.  Flowing south to the town of Rome, it then turns east to Utica, after which it parallels the New York State Thruway.  But approximately 30 miles east of Utica, the river changes suddenly.  It becomes very turbulent, and from there until it empties into the Hudson River, it is over 60 miles of rampaging Death, and scientists have never been able to explain why.  It is as if the river has simply gone mad!

    The Indians of the region have an explanation, however — one based on their legends.  Thousands of years ago, good spirits and evil spirits fought for control of the land.  The good spirits pushed the evil spirits into what was then a small river and bound them in it with a magic spell.  The evil spirits turned the river into a seething torrent in their frantic efforts to get out.  The Indians call the river Kah-ne-sa-ta-ke, or “river of evil spirits.”  They don’t even try to fish it, for there are simply no fish.

    In 1821, an expedition led by Robert Hood attempted to navigate the Mohawk River, despite dire warnings from the Indians.  The entire expedition was torn to pieces by the freakish currents and sharp rocks and plunged to their deaths over the 160-foot cataract near what is now Amsterdam.

    On both banks the river is fenced off to keep people well away, but suicidal people have gotten past it anyway to throw themselves to instant death.  So, too, have daredevils who have attempted to float down the river in their “unsinkable” vessels of imaginative designs — pontoon rafts, tubes, bubble craft, and so on.  All have perished.

    Ten miles past Amsterdam’s “Cataract of Death,” the Mohawk passes through a canyon at a place known as the “Roaring Rapids,” where the sound is amplified into a deafening roar by the shape of the canyon walls.  It then flows north of Schenectady, gouging the earth like a knife, following a jagged path until it finally spills into the Hudson River opposite the town of Troy on the east bank.  Here it forms a vortex known as the Waterford Maelstrom, the fiercest whirlpool in any river on earth.  Boats must pass as far to the east bank of the Hudson as possible in order to avoid it.  Any careless boater who is sucked into it has little hope of survival.

    In the 1930’s, Army engineers studied the possibility of harnessing the Mohawk’s savage power to produce electricity, but the idea was abandoned as too dangerous.  There are no bridges over the violent portion of the Mohawk either, because there is no safe way to build them.

    The Mohawk River is a freak of nature and must be accepted as such.  What would happen if the spell that bound the evil spirits were broken, allowing them to escape?  Would the Mohawk River become peaceful again?  Or would all of central New York State become a Land of Horror?

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Eight college students — Al, Ben, Jim, Keith, Pete, Sam, Rick, and Vince — occupy four rooms in the men’s dormitory — 201, 202, 203, and 204 — where they live two to a room.  Four men are smokers, and four are non-smokers.  Four men are engineering majors (chemical, electrical, aeronautical, and marine), and four are liberal arts majors (math, German, biology, and history).  From the clues given, match the pairs of roommates by first and last names, room number, and major.  (Last names are: Burns, Graham, Handley, Hunt, Johnson, Kelly, Rogers and Smith.)

1. The college never puts a smoker in the same room with a non-smoker.

2. The college always puts an engineering major in the same room with a liberal arts major.

3. The four smokers are: Vince, Mr. Graham, the electrical engineering major, and the liberal arts major in 201.

4. The four liberal arts majors are: Sam, the one in 204, Mr. Hunt, and Pete’s roommate.

5. Rick doesn’t smoke, doesn’t live in 202, and doesn’t room with the biology major or the marine engineering major (who doesn’t live in 202 either).

6. Al smokes and doesn’t major in math or aeronautical engineering.

7. Four different rooms are occupied by: Mr. Graham, the chemical engineering major, Mr. Kelly, and the math major.

8. Mr. Burns lives in 203 and is in liberal arts.

9. Exactly one student has the same first and last initials.

10. Pete is not the aeronautical engineering major, doesn’t smoke, and doesn’t live in 203.

11. The German major smokes and does not room with the electrical engineering major.

12. Jim is not Mr. Burns or Mr. Hunt; Mr. Handley is in liberal arts.  Between Jim and Mr. Handley, one smokes and the other doesn’t.

13. Two non-smoking roommates are Mr. Smith and the history major.

14. The biology major’s room number is higher than Mr. Handley’s, which is higher than Mr. Kelly’s.

15. Either A or B is True, but not both:

    A. Keith is Mr. Rogers.

    B. Vince is Mr. Kelly.

16. Ben doesn’t smoke.  Keith’s roommate is in liberal arts.

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    The peaceful, picturesque town of Flores, Guatemala, has been in a state of near-panic since Christmas, owing to the sudden appearance of thousands of ferrets.  Local people say the ferrets have been drawn out of the surrounding forests by the presence of over thirty models participating in a nude pictorial for the Spanish-language edition of Playboy.  Nearby Lake Peten-Itza, known for its colorful flowers, palm trees, tropical birds, and marvelous rock formations, has been used frequently by photographers and film-makers, but no ferret invasion has ever occurred before.

    “It’s the naked women!  They are making the ferrets crazy!” says local Chief of Police Gustavo Marin. 

    The town’s officials originally welcomed the nude photo shoot, believing it would be good publicity for a town whose primary industry is cigarettes.  Now they feel they have made a mistake, and they are blaming the magazine for the crisis.

    Experts are not in agreement as to whether the ferret invasion is related to the presence of the models.  Professor Manuel de Calderon of the Universidad de Guatemala believes that the ferrets’ highly developed sense of smell has been aroused by female pheromones given off by the models.  But Dr. Hector Samoza of the Ministry of the Interior says there is no evidence for this.  Instead, he cites previous instances of sudden movements of animals prior to volcanic eruptions and fears a possible eruption of a new volcano in the area around Flores. 

    Several models have been attacked in their tents at night by the ferrets.  Nancy Augusto, 22, of Huehuetenango, was bitten on the breast, and Andrea Carmel, 23, of Jalapa, was clawed on the legs.  Neither injury was serious.  No local residents have been attacked, but the presence of the ferrets has prevented many people from going out.

    A spokesman for the Spanish-language edition of Playboy said the photo shoot would continue because it would be too expensive to move to another location.  The models and crew are scheduled to complete their work by January 4th.

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Logic Puzzle: Talented Twins

December 24, 2008

Five pairs of twins (who may be of the same gender or mixed) competed in an amateur talent contest.  One pair of twins sang, another danced, another did juggling, another did acrobatics, and one did magic tricks.  From the clues given, match them all up by first and last names, and determine what kind of act they did and the order in which they finished.  (Siblings share the same last name.)

Boys: Patrick, Andrew, Harvey, Richard, Jeffrey

Girls: Marie, Becky, Monica, Lena, Darlene

Surnames: Peterson, Zimmer, McClaren, Brown, Stewart

1. The five pairs of twins are: Darlene and her twin, Richard and his twin, the acrobats, the McClarens, and the pair who finished fifth.

2. The Stewart dancers finished second, just ahead of two brothers.

3. The Petersons finished higher than at least one other pair.

4. Marie finished one place higher than Jeffrey.

5. The Zimmers finished somewhere above the singers, but somewhere below Monica and her sister.

6. Becky does magic and does not have a sister.

7. Two sisters are acrobats.

8. Harvey doesn’t juggle and is not related to Becky.

9. Patrick is not a Zimmer.  Andrew doesn’t juggle.  Marie doesn’t dance.  Marie finished lower than Becky.

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Yarmoj, the Evil Storage Jar

December 24, 2008

    Yarmoj was a storage jar who lived in somebody’s basement cupboard in Menominee (pronounced muh-NOM-uh-nee), Michigan.  It’s a nice, little town in the Upper Peninsula where there are no bad things like Crips and Bloods gangs, gay pride parades, Muslim terrorists, serial killers, or people who try to get on the express check-out in the supermarket with a whole cartload of stuff.  In other words, it’s the last place you’d expect something simple and innocent like a storage jar to turn evil.  But evil can spring up anywhere.  You think you know people, but you don’t.

    Anyway, Yarmoj just sat in the dark, on the shelf of this basement cupboard, month after month, year after year, and never got used.  This made him angry and resentful.  The plastic containers got used fairly often — more often than the glass jars.  And Yarmoj felt superior to the plastic containers because he was made of glass, of course!  Whenever the homeowner went to his cupboard to get a storage container, Yarmoj would scream out, “Me! Me! I’m here! I’m here!”  But, of course, people can’t hear the voices of storage jars because they’re in a different frequency range from what humans can hear.  Sometimes the owner did select a glass storage jar, but Yarmoj always got passed over for no apparent reason.

    Every day he would scream his protests to the uncaring Universe.  The other storage jars would tell him to shut up.  “Know your place!” they would say.  Sometimes they teased him by telling him he was Made In China and it said so in small letters that he couldn’t see.  This made him feel insecure about his ancestry.  Another storage jar suggested he should convert to Islam, and then he would be at peace.

    Okay, so what happens to people in a situation of prolonged frustration and anger?  I meant storage jars, of course, but we can talk about people generally.  Eventually, after enough of this bottled-up rage they can’t deal with, they turn evil.  Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.  So what did this do to Yarmoj?  He just lost his mind, what else?  All he could think about was revenge.  (And this is something I understand better than most people.)  He wanted to find some way to lash out at all these stupid people who refused to recognize his talent (as a storage jar, of course).  He had these terrible fantasies of murder and destruction, night after night.  But what sort of power can a mere storage jar wield in a world of big people, big machines, and big weapons?

    There was one idea that he kept thinking about.  If someone used him to store some kind of food, he could contaminate it with some kind of bacteria, and then later the people would eat the food and get food poisoning and maybe die.  And he kept asking the other storage jars if they knew where he could get some bacteria, but they told him it was a stupid idea because people would wash out any sort of container first before putting food in it.  Yarmoj kept looking for some bacteria anyway, and he thought maybe there was some gunk inside his lid, like metallic corrosion or putrid organic matter.

    Well, a big surprise happened!  The homeowner opened the cupboard and took out Yarmoj!  And Yarmoj thought, Now I have a chance to do something really evil!  And he expected the homeowner to put some sort of food into him, but that’s not what happened.  Instead, the homeowner used him to store a lot of screws, nuts, and washers.  And this made Yarmoj really mad because there was nothing socially lower in the world of storage jars than to be used for little pieces of hardware.  Fuck this! Fuck this! Fuck this! he swore over and over.  And this went on for many days until Yarmoj decided he would do something evil or die trying.

    So, sure enough, one day the homeowner needed a screw, and he picked up Yarmoj.  And Yarmoj concentrated all those years of anger and frustration into a kind of psychic energy, and with all the will power he could summon, he tried to make himself explode!  And he did! Yarmoj exploded, destroying himself just like a suicide bomber, and the homeowner was badly cut on his hands and arms!  And he was lucky he didn’t lose an eye with all that broken glass and hardware pieces flying everywhere!

    And guess who that homeowner was.  It was none other than Congressman Bart Stupak!  That’s right!  A real, actual member (Democrat) of the U.S. House of Representatives!

    Fortunately, I can report that Congressman Stupak has been treated for his injuries and is feeling considerably better now.  And I think it would be a very nice gesture if you sent him a get-well note.  You can e-mail him at stupak.public.accutane@mail.house.gov  or write to his office at 2352 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515.  Just say you read about his awful experience with an evil storage jar, and you hope he gets well soon, and at least that evil jar is destroyed, so the world is safer now.  Or words to that effect.

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