Dr. Joseph M. Sharpe looked through his office window at the street outside.  He had just opened his practice as the only psychiatrist in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  So far, he had not received a single patient.  He had not even gotten a phone call.  Damn it, what’s wrong with these people?  Doesn’t anyone need a psychiatrist?  he fumed.

    He sent his receptionist home early and locked his office in disgust.  Walking down the street, he decided he would step into the first bar he came to and get drunk.

    Meanwhile, further down the street, Rev. John A. Hinkle, Jr., stood on the sidewalk in front of the New Church of Christ, which had just opened.  So far, not one person had set foot in it.  He was annoyed.  Damn it, what’s wrong with these people?  Doesn’t anyone want to be saved?  he fumed.

    As Dr. Sharpe approached, Rev. Hinkle called out hopefully, “You, sir!  Wouldn’t you like Jesus to wash away all your sins?”

    “Fuck off, you lunatic!” replied Dr. Sharpe, walking away quickly.

    “Rot in hell, you sinner!” yelled Rev. Hinkle.  

    Copyright@ 2013 by Crad Kilodney.  E-mail: crad166@yahoo.com